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"Murder Murder"


     Martin Methodist College is host to diverse talent, but it’s not always students who are in the spotlight.  Chief of campus security, Dr. John White,  has published  “Murder-Murder”,  a non-fiction book about two fraternal twins, Pete and Pat Bondurant, who were the tag team in numerous gruesome murders across rural Tennessee in the 80s.

     Dr. White didn’t just report the facts but wrote it from a criminal justice academic point of view. He wanted readers to have all the facts, including interviews from family members, friends and officers involved as well as verbatim court testimonies. White wanted to have the true words of all involved but not his own.
     “Friends say that I expect too much,” says Dr. White, “But, I’m wanting the reader to do what I ask of my students, to think.”
     Dr. White wanted “Murder-Murder” to take the reader out of the emotions of the case and into the scientific facts. He created a vibe in his book for readers to look at the events and ask why instead of how.
     The Bondurant twins came from a wonderful background. From research, Dr. White concluded that the twins had a healthy childhood with married parents and two other siblings who grew up and lead “normal” lives. Specifically, Pat Bondurant held a job that was considered to be productive and responsible, and he was also a father to a family.
According to Dr. White, even the victims, like Gwen Dugger, didn’t fit.
     “I don’t even know why they killed her,” White said. “No one does.” 
     The only way to identify her was a piece of a tennis shoe and a pink baby pin. Her family recognized the pink pin that Gwen had attached to her shoe.
     One murder in particular, the Gains murder case, took place in Pulaski, Tenn. Dr. White got to work on the Bondurant case, knew the twins and all of the people who worked on the case.
     “Being part of the case and researching it was odd and didn’t fit the norm,” White said.
     Dr. White began writing Murder-Murder in 2000 while simultaneously gathering and compiling the information. He wanted readers to know the people involved with solving the case and to give a face to justice.
     Although Dr. White tried to publish the book, he discovered that the eBook route was more successful than hard copy. This allows flexibility for the reader and lets the writer receive about 85% profits. 
     The book was published Jan. 21, 2013 and is available via eBook on To find the book, you have to turn the adult filter off. Readers can also download it in other formats. Additionally, readers can sample the first 75 pages of the book before they decide to purchase it.  The cover of the book is the actual house where Gwen Dugger was murdered, and more pictures can be found throughout the book.
Posted on 30/1/13 | Written by Chelsi Warren |
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